USS Saratoga Association Scholarship

This scholarship is open to all students in their senior year of High School who qualify as one of the following:

A son or daughter, or grandson or granddaughter, or a great-grandson or great -granddaughter of a USS Saratoga Association Member (Sponsor), who has served aboard and has been in good standing* of the Association, for a minimum of the past 12 months.

In good standing infers, Life Member or current with dues payment.

Eligible students may apply for scholarship support, along with required supporting documentation, in the name of a deceased member of the Association.

On a case-by- case basis, consideration will also be given to applicants related to Association Honorary Members.

Scholarship applicants will be selected based on academic achievement, community, volunteer service, essay*, and any other related selection criteria. Scholarships will be awarded on an objective and non-discriminatory basis, without regard to race, color, or disability. This scholarship will be awarded on a one-time basis.

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